Thursday, August 18, 2011

FEATURE: McDonald's Happy Meal Smurfs Checklist

It seems there's a lot of interest in the McDonald's Happy Meal Smurf toys, if our Stats page is to be believed. But for those who've yet to grab any of these surprisingly fun toys, here's the checklist of the 16 collectible characters.

The full set of 16 Smurfs features:

  1. Papa Smurf
  2. Smurfette
  3. Handy Smurf
  4. Baker Smurf
  5. Clumsy Smurf
  6. Brainy Smurf
  7. Farmer Smurf
  8. Gutsy Smurf
  9. Jokey Smurf
  10. Painter Smurf
  11. Greedy Smurf
  12. Hefty Smurf
  13. Grouchy Smurf
  14. Vanity Smurf
  15. Chef Smurf
  16. Panicky Smurf


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