Thursday, September 22, 2011

REVIEW: Gogo's Crazy Bones Series 3

Produced by Magic Box Inernational/JONA | Released August 2011

The incredibly popular Gogo's Crazy Bones line continues to grow with the release of Series 3 ''Explorer Gogo's Crazy Bones.''

Packaging Shots

Gogo's Crazy Bones Series 3
Given that there are 80 different sculpts (with multiple colourways) in the line and we're only looking at three examples today, it's hard to really categorise this as a Review of the entire Wave. As such, consider this more a Preview or taste of what to expect based upon the figures at hand.

My pack contained the standard three figures in the form of Clappy, Starboro and Fanbon. (Thanks to Squidoo for the checklist!)

As ever, the sculpts are very cool and encapsulate that sense of urban/designer toy cool the line is famous for. Unlike some other mini-figures, the Gogo's Crazy Bones figures are - as ever - produced to a high standard of quality, with smooth sculpts and casts. As a result, these latest additions are as tactile and comfortable to handle as the Crazy Bones toys have always been. There's also a great sturdiness to them, which is a definite plus, given that many of the Gogo's Crazy Bones games involve hurling them around.

My only minor concern is that the figures I received in my blind-bag seem a little familiar. Granted, I do own a LOT of figures from the previous Waves but there's just a slight sense that I've seen many characters that are similar (if not identical) to these newer releases. Interestingly, the Crazy Bones figures depicted on the enclosed stickers do appear to be new sculpts, so I can only presume I was unlucky with my bag choice.

Paint is as cleanly applied as ever, with the use of tampo transfers further enhancing the sculpt-work. Clappy, for example, has some great little paw-pads on her feet. It's this attention to detail that really differentiates the Gogo's Crazy Bones line from other collectible mini-figures.

The biggest addition to the line is the inclusion of ''Laser Colour (or Color)'' paintwork. This highly polished, semi-pearlescent effect gives the figures a rather eye-catching look (and makes them rather difficult to photograph, as the above image of Fanbon proves.) I'm not sure if every pack contains a Laser Colour figure or whether they're simply chase variants but either way, it's a very cool addition to the line.

Nothing has changed with this new Wave: each pack contains three random stickers depicting a Crazy Bones figure.

Final Thoughts
There's really very little to add that wasn't covered in our original Gogo's Crazy Bones Review. The new sculpts are cool (aside from some possible recycling) and the Laser Colour effect is a nice addition. If you're a fan of designer/urban vinyl or resin toys but always find yourself missing-out on the limited runs or can't afford to collect some of the more expensive lines, Gogo's Crazy Bones have always been a great alternative  and this latest Wave is no different.

What I really appreciate about these toys though is just what excellent value for money they represent. For about $2 you get three well-designed, high-quality and very cool little figures. And with 80 different sculpts and multiple colourways (including the new Laser Colour ones) the odds of getting a duplicate figure are pretty low. So really, what is there not to like?

Production QualityA-
Final ScoreA-

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