Thursday, September 1, 2011

REVIEW: Wacky Packages Stickers Series 8 Cards

Produced by Topps | Released August 2011

I have to admit, I'm not really into collectible cards and stickers. As a non-sports fan, baseball cards have never held any appeal and whilst as a child I quite liked the Buck Rogers In The 25th Century packs, they've never really held that much appeal (mainly due to the fact that I always seemed to get that bloody Space Vampire set). However, when I saw that Topps had released a new line of Wacky Packages stickers - and how much I'd enjoyed their Wacky Packages Erasers - I knew I had to at least try them.

Have I found a new collecting craze? Read on and find out...


Each pack of stickers comes in a sealed pack, as seen above. Unlike the erasers you can't exactly feel through the packaging to see what's inside, so they truly are blind-bagged. The packaging is certainly colourful enough and does a good job of catching the eye.

Wacky Packages Series 8
It's difficult really to know where to start with this Review, as everybody's experience will be different. After all, not only are the chances of getting the exact same eight stickers as I got slim, you may also find your sense of humour is different to mine and - as the whole concept is based around humorous parody - the stickers pretty much stand or fall on whether you find them amusing or not.

Another part of the appeal is discovering the gag for yourself. I'm not going to tell you which I received - as I don't want to spoil the surprise - but at the same time I do need to illustrate the kind of humour you can expect, so I've picked three random stickers, which are displayed below, without comment. If you find them funny, you'll dig the Wacky Packages concept. If not, then you can probably pass on these without worrying...

The stickers - as you can see - are colourful, cleanly printed (if the above pictures are out of focus that's due to my camera, not the sticker) and well-produced. Each peel-off sticker can be applied to whatever surface you see fit (as a kid my bedroom door was covered with stickers like this, which I'm sure was a real treat for the people who moved in later) but the backing is not to be discarded - you'll find the reverse features either another gag product or can be combined with others to create a jigsaw-like giant puzzle.

This series also includes the Pack to the Future spoof products, which are chase/limited run stickers featuring futuristic gag products similar to those found on the regular cards but with a sci-fi twist. There are ten Pack to the Future stickers to find, plus an assortment of other rares including Wacky Packages Goes To The Movies, Motion Bag Tags, Gold Flash Foils and more. So there's plenty to keep the collector occupied here...

Handily each is also numbered, so you can keep track of your collection numerically.

Final Thoughts
Wacky Packages are all about humour. If you dig satirical/parody comedy and are a fan of collectible cards or stickers then you'll have a lot of fun here. The gags are generally pretty sharp and will at the very least raise a smile. If the selection pictured above tickled your funny bone then chances are you'll enjoy these stickers. 

Add to that the fact that they're well-produced and cleanly-printed and you'll see why I'd certainly like to see more of these things...

Final Score              B+

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