Thursday, February 23, 2012

FEATURE: The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Assignment 3

Following on from last week's inaugural (at least for That Figures) entry, here's The League of Extraordinary Bloggers' Assignment Three.

Cool and Collected's Brian - creator and coordinator of The League - posed an interesting question this week for all the retro-movie fans out there:

The 80′s and 90′s were filled with kids and teens in the movies. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in 2012 with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me.

Like last week's Hollywood-dodging response, I'm going to have to go down a slightly different route here...

You see, when I was a kid there were very few TV shows or movies I enjoyed watching that featured child leads. Maybe being the youngest of three and my siblings being somewhat older gave me a more grown-up sensibility when it came to my movie choices. After all, it's kind of difficult to go back to watching the comedy capering of Teen Wolf when your first exposure to the werewolf legend was Oliver Reed's unflinching, feral gaze or to get too excited about the aliens in Explorers when you realise they're not going burst out of somebody's chest and grow into giant, unstoppable killing machines.

Annoying Little Turds
Because of this I really, really hated seeing movies about kids. Kids were stupid. They couldn't fly planes or have sword fights or drive cars. And if by chance they could, then they were annoying little jerks. For a movie to appeal to me it had to feature adults doing grown-up stuff, because that's what I aspired to be and do when I was old enough. The idea of watching kid protagonists did nothing for me.

La, la, la-la, la - SHUT UP AND GO DO YOUR CHORES.
Which brings me to today's movie of choice. The movie I'd love to see from the 80s given a modern sequel is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

''I know...''
Indiana Jones was awesome. He was smart, he could punch people really hard, he was funny, he had girlfriends (but not so much that they tied him down), he traveled the world in planes and he was also Han Solo. Seriously, for a kid on the cusp of becoming a teenager, watching Indiana Jones was like every great thing ever, all rolled into one and then projected onto a 30 foot high screen. And that was just the hero. Throw in Nazis getting punched, snakes, the Ark of the Covenant, chases, mysterious stuff and a monkey and it's no wonder I loved this movie so much.

That was 30 years ago. In that time, Harrison Ford has continued to grow as an actor. Spielberg has honed his skills, becoming one of the most successful and well-respected directors in modern Hollywood. George Lucas has... well, OK. Special effects have advanced considerably and stunt performers have pushed the envelope to new extremes.

Now imagine if the original cast and crew were reunited to produce a new Indiana Jones movie... How freaking awesome would that be?


So... What About the Rest of the League?


  1. Haha nice one. I have to agree though, movies about kids did little for me as well. I too cheated on this assignment, sort of.

    1. Thanks. I'll be sure to check yours out, too!


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