Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REVIEW: GI Joe Slaughter's Marauders Battle Set - Spirit Iron-Knife

Produced by Hasbro | Released January 2012 [Big Bad Toy Store-Exclusive]

SPIRIT IRON-KNIFE is a Native American mystic warrior with a degree in psychology, and the best wilderness tracker on the GI JOE team. he uses his uncanny ability to find and read the faintest signs, and his keen understanding of human nature, to not only track but also anticipate his quarry's actions. In the field, he can create his own weapons, as well as traps, snares and deadfalls.

Spirit Iron-Knife
Like today's earlier Mini-Review of Mercenary, I'm going to keep this brief, as I still have an additional two figures from the set to look at after Spirit Iron-Knife and - truth be told - none of them are really that groundbreaking.

So here's the Spirit Iron-Knife quick Review.

Sculpt and Design

Knife sheathWeird facial expression
Nicely detailed webbing/pouchesShirtless design looks weird/unfinished

Hands struggle to hold weapons

Feet don't attach particularly well to the stand


Standard range of GI Joe movementNo extra joints (such as wrist or ankles)
Joints are firm but not stiff''Rifle'' hand struggles with knife
Vest doesn't inhibit movement''Knife'' hand struggles with rifle


Neatly appliedBlue is very bright/cartoonish 
Chest tattoo tampo is coolEye app makes him look somewhat surprised
Camouflaged pants pattern is nicely applied

Extras and Accessories

Colour choice is lifelikeImpossible to pose him firing the rifle
Knife is a cool accessoryGetting him to hold weapons is difficult
Detachable ammo clip is a nice touch

Final Thoughts
Spirit Iron-Knife could - and should - have been a lot better. Sadly, whilst the basic figure's design is pretty neat, Hasbro really dropped the ball with his accessories. The rifle - although a nice tribute to the earlier figures' weapons - is sadly nigh-on impossible to pose him with, due to the weird hilt design. Put simply, he cannot hold the weapon in any kind of shooting pose and so it's relegated to looking like something he's just found lying around and decided to carry around with him.

I'm also not a massive fan of the vest/webbing he comes equipped with, as it appears more like a cast-off, ''spare'' part Hasbro had lying around than anything else and - unless I'm missing something here - I don't recall seeing him wear anything like this. Which would be fine if this was a Pursuit of Cobra-style update to the character (like that released as a Toys R Us exclusive) but given how most of the Slaughter's Marauders figures are supposed to represent the ''original'' designs, this seems an odd move.

With better accessories, Spirit Iron-Knife could have been a pretty neat figure. As it is though, it feels more like this is a work-in-progress of what we should expect, rather than the actual release.

A potentially cool figure spoilt by below-average accessories.

Sculpt and DesignB+
Extras and Accessories C+
Final ScoreB

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