Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FEATURE: LoEB ''Kurt Russell''

It's time for another assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

This week Brian at Cool and Collected changed the game by trying a new tactic. Instead of posting a question or discussion point he simply posted two words for our assignment:

Kurt Russell

So here's my response:

Six Things You Never Knew About Kurt Russell
  1. The Chuck Norris Internet Meme originally belonged to Kurt Russell, but being a nice guy he let Chuck have it instead.
  2. CBS shot a pilot for a reality show entitled ''Kurt Russell in the Workplace,'' which would have seen the actor exploring other ''everyday'' careers. For the pilot Russell tried his hand at truck driving but before it could be aired, a change of management at CBS saw the project shelved. However, the footage was later re-cut and redubbed - with some of the more outlandish and unbelievable elements removed - and then released as the movie, Big Trouble in Little China.
  3. Kurt Russell auditioned for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. But upon meeting Lucas and realizing immediately  what the director  would do to the franchise with his Prequel movies, he walked off the set.
  4. Elvis once came first in a Kurt Russell lookalike contest
  5. Kurt Russell is so versatile an actor that he played all the creatures in The Thing. Without make-up.
  6. They say that beneath Chuck Norris' beard is another fist. Beneath Snake Plisskin and MacReady's beards is... Kurt Russell.
What of my other fellow Extraordinary Bloggers?

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