Thursday, September 20, 2012

REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 1 - Mighty-Bite Mac

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released March 2012

Previous Job: Undisputed Heavyweight Chomp
Likes: Pigeons & Knockin' Suckas Out!
Dislikes: The Corroding Kid
Favorite Food: Pancreas Pie

SLUG Zombies Series 1 - Plugging the Gaps
We're revisiting Series 1 of the SLUG Zombies line to - as the title above says - plug a few gaps in the Review index and today it's the turn of putrefying pugilist, Mighty-Bite Mac.

Note: This figure was provided by JAKKS Pacific for the purposes of the Review.

Mighty-Bite Mac
Mighty-Bite Mac is one of the four, three pack-exclusive figures released as part of Wave 1, along with his arch-nemesis The Corroding Kid and cheerleader-turned-zombie, Rigormortis Lourdes.

Sculpt & Design
Mighty-Bite Mac was, if I recall correctly, originally to be released as ''Bite Tyson,'' which I'm sure gives you a pretty good idea as to who served as the inspiration for this figure. But even with the subtler change of name, it's still pretty clear who JAKKS Pacific had in mind when creating this toy.

There's some pretty cool detail on the figure and although he's - essentially - just a guy in shorts and boxing gloves, the designers have done a solid job with the figure's overall look and sculpt. As ever, there are a few chomped-out bites, his attire - which is nicely tooled and produced - makes it obvious who (or what) he is, the musculature is good and the pose has a nice, shambling look about it but... that's it.

Until you look closer.

You see, what I originally mistook for a tongue is actually a chewed-off ear. It's a great gag that not only works as a spoof of the inspiration but also works within the concept of him being a zombie. I can almost imagine the designers - when confronted by the legal department - shrugging their shoulders and smiling as they give their ''what? He's a zombie. Zombies eat people'' defense.

It's a great example of the ghoulish sense of humor that pervades the line and also a nice little celebrity spoof that really helps lift the figure from what could have been ''a zombie boxer'' into something more.

Final Thoughts
I have to admit that I'm really not much of a sports fan (of any kind, really) so I do tend to find myself approaching the sports-themed figures in the line-up with a little apprehension. Thankfully though, Mighty-Bite Mac is a great example of the wicked humor of JAKKS Pacific's designers at work. It's a grim, ghoulish parody even non-sports fans will get.

It may not be the most detailed or exciting of sculptures - although there's no fault at all in execution, which is, as ever, very good - but when the concept/joke is strong it doesn't really matter.

Final Score: B+

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