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REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Mash-Up Mike

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released August 2012

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SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Mash-Up Mike
We continue our individual Reviews of the SLUG Zombies' second wave with today's subject, Mash-Up Mike, currently available as part of the 12-figure pack and in a 3-figure set.

Sculpt & Design
The SLUG Zombie figures are broadly divided into three categories: historical homages, ''everyday'' zombies and celebrity spoofs. Mash-Up Mike falls into the latter category, being their tribute to Mr T and/or B.A. Baracus (although let's face it, is there a difference?)

As ever, the original character has been given an undead makeover. His clothes are torn, his face has been given a twisted, menacing look and - coolest of all - the gold chains around his neck now sport a few ghoulish additions. 

All of this detail would be meaningless if the production was lacking but, again, the finished product is of the highest quality. Despite having looked at almost a hundred figures now (yes, we've a lot more Reviews to come) I'm still impressed with the finish and detail present in this line and Mash-Up Mike is no exception. From the detail on his beard and the curve of his musculature to the tears in his clothes and even the tiny circle detailing on his Converse-inspired footwear, there's a level of accuracy and detail that's seriously impressive. I know for a fact my pictures don't do it justice.

Pose-wise, Mash-Up Mike has a pretty decent zombie stance. His inverted feet and raised arms present enough of a shambling look to give a sense of him being a zombie but the downside is that he doesn't quite seem as steady on his feet as some of the other figures in the line and is prone to a slight rocking movement. He stands just fine unaided but I've taken to displaying him with support, as strong vibration could knock him over.

Final Thoughts
Minor stability point aside (and it is really a fairly minor point - you may find he stands without any problems) Mash-Up Mike is a solid, fun figure. But if you pressed me on it, I'd have to say he's not one of my favorites from the line. It's not because there's anything particularly wrong with the sculpt or design (far from it, both are excellent), it's simply that it doesn't ''speak'' to me in the same way as many of the other toys in this series do but that's simply a matter of personal taste rather than any particular fault of the figure. If you're a fan of Mr T or The A-Team then I'm sure you'll find Mash-Up Mike a lot of fun.

A strong addition to the line fans of the source material especially will love.

Final Score: B

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