Tuesday, September 11, 2012

REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Maximus Cadaverous

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released August 2012

Previous Job: Gladiator
Likes: Swords and Sandals
Dislikes: Cats
Favorite Food: Steamed Carrots with Mashed Meniscus

SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Maximus Cadaverous
After too long a break from our SLUG Zombies Series 2 Reviews, we're back today taking a look at the 12-figure pack exclusive, Maximus Cadaverous.

Sculpt and Design
As you'll probably be aware if you've been keeping up with our SLUG Zombie Reviews - or if you've been smart enough to snag some of them for yourself - that line doesn't just include spoofs of celebrities but also features a number of historical homages, such as today's Review subject, Maximus Cadaverous.

I have to admit - being a bit of a history buff - that I've a soft spot for the historical figure concept and Maximus Cadaverous is a figure that makes pretty good use of the idea. From his armored skirt and breast plate to his Gladius sword and sandals, it's clear that he's not just a character from the Roman Empire but also that he's inspired by the lead character from certain gladiator movie (that would be Gladiator for thos having trouble figuring that one out....)

The sculpt features some nice close-up detail. The eagle on his shoulder guard is a nice touch, he's sporting a very ''Roman'' haircut and the straps on his sandals, armor plates and assorted scuffs, chunks and bites are all very cleanly sculpted and cast.

I'm not sure how well my photos capture the awkward, re-animated shuffling of his pose but trust me, he looks great. There's a superbly shambling look to his stance and the stiff-yet-limp way his arms are angled that - were it not for the over-the-top grossness of his sculpt - could be genuinely unsettling, This zombified look continues with his facial sculpt, which features a slack-jawed, haunted look and - in a nice little detail touch - a very Romanesque nose.

Final Thoughts
Maximus Cadaverous is, on the whole, a solid figure. The sculpt work is detailed and nicely executed, with some nice touches and clean production and, overall, he's an impressive figure. The only thing I'm not quite getting is a strong ''gladiator'' vibe from him. To me he looks more like a Caesar than he does a gladiator and until I read his mini-biography, that's what I thought he was. Whether that's down to the figure's design or my preconceptions, I'll leave to you to decide.

Still, minor gladiator/Caesar-related confusion aside, this is still a very cool figure. The sculpting is very well executed, the detail is cool and - perhaps best of all - his shambling, reanimated corpse pose is genuinely creepy. And I like that a lot.

A fun historical homage.

Final Score: B+

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