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REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Holiday Series - Frozen Fright

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released December 2012

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The SLUG Zombies Holiday Series
Today we're continuing our look at the SLUG Zombies Holiday Series line-up and, following on from yesterday's Review of pack-mate Johnny Hammer-Stix, the subject of today's Review is the scream-inducing snowman, Frozen Fright.

Frozen Fright
We're continuing our experiment of producing more visual Reviews (rather than have me drone on for ten paragraphs) so let us know what you think of this new format - but only after you've checked out these images and read our comments below!

Final Thoughts
The sculpt work on Frozen Fright is, as we've come to expect with the SLUG Zombies, excellent. All the details you'd expect to see on a jolly, friendly snowman are here, from his battered hat and scarf to his carrot nose and coal buttons, but juxtaposed against the horrors of the undead apocalypse, with his leering, hungry mouth, shambling pose and exposed ribs (although as my buddy Dex at AEIOU... and Sometimes Why? pointed out, why does a snowman have ribs?)

The figure itself is solid, with a nice chunky feel to it and it stands well, thanks to its oversized feet and shambling zombie gait. The fact that each sculpt is individual (rather than like, for example, the Marvel Universe line where basic bucks and parts are reused) means each figure has its own distinct shape and silhouette and Frozen Fright is a prime example of the designers using that freedom to create a unique-looking figure. Compare him to his pack-mates - or indeed, any other figures in the line - and you'll see what I mean.

I'm sure it's redundant of me to say this but if you're a fan of the creepier side of Christmas - or a fan of the awesome...ly bad Jack Frost movies (no, this one and this one) - then you'll love Frozen Fright.

Final Score: B+

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