Monday, December 3, 2012

REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 3 - Zero Hero

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released November 2012

Previous Job: Video Store Clerk
Likes: His Ability to See Through Skulls
Dislikes: 9-to-5 Jobs
Favorite Food: Surfer-N-Turfer

SLUG Zombies Series 3 - Zero Hero
Last week we started our epic coverage of the SLUG Zombies Series 3 line-up with Extra Crispy and Riled-Up Riley, who are joined today by the third member of the triumvirate of terror featured in the first of the four 3-figure packs available in this wave - and the subject of today's Review - Zero Hero.

Zero Hero was provided by JAKKS Pacific for the purposes of this Review and - unlike 99% of the toys we Review - was not paid for directly from the That Figures coffers.

Sculpt & Design
Zero Hero is JAKKS Pacific's homage to the superhero. Whether that superhero in question is Superman or not is open to debate, given that Supes popularized the ''standard'' superhero costume and its trappings (capes, trunks-over-tights and letter-based chest logos) so I'm going to stick with the lawyer-friendly belief that this is simply a tribute to the genre as a whole, rather than a specific riff on the Kryptonian superhero. (Even though there was an undead Superman during the whole Blackest Night/Black Lantern Corp arc, but we'll just move swiftly along...)

Everything you'd expect - and we listed above - is present and correct here, with Zero Hero sporting a pretty on-point sculpt in terms of his costume, with the added extra layer of zombification that makes the line so fun. Although he lacks a ''hit it out of the park'' centerpiece (such as the ''food'' bucket sported by Extra Crispy) he's still got some neat stuff going on, with his ragged cloak, chomped-on forearms and ripped flesh facial details being particularly cool.

It's something I mention in every SLUG Zombie Review, so for those waiting for it, here's my comment on how detailed the sculpt work is: The sculpting is incredibly detailed, with his hands in particular being a real stand-out bit of work in terms of their execution. And as ever, the figure's pose nails the knock-kneed, shambling look of the undead perfectly, which combines neatly with the MUSCLE-style open arm/grappling pose common to many figures in both lines.

Zero Hero is - like all the other SLUG Zombie figures - cast in a putrid green, with no paint or alternative colorway. Again, I'd love to see somebody do a custom paint job on this figure, as the eye-catching, dynamic coloring of superhero comics could really add an extra dimension of awesome to this figure.

Extras and Accessories
Zero Hero comes with the standard fold-out collector sheet, featuring mini-bios for each of the 16 figures in this wave.

Final Thoughts
If the above Review seems a little brief (ha!) it's simply because Zero Hero isn't quite as complex a character concept as some of the other SLUG Zombies we've looked at in this wave. That's not to say he's simplistic or uninteresting, or that the figure's execution is lacking but rather it's simply that given how iconic superhero designs tend to be (something we've mentioned in past superhero figure Reviews) there's not a huge amount of close-up clothing detail to really get your teeth into (ha! again) and it's pretty much a case of what you see is what you get when it comes to superheroes. And Zero Hero is no exception.

If you're a fan of superheroes (particularly Superman) then you'll really dig Zero Hero, as he's pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a zombie superhero parody/homage. It's just a shame that he's one of those character concepts that doesn't quite have the material to really go the extra mile beyond that.

A fun - if a little limited - superhero/zombie mash-up.

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