Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FEATURE: LoEB ''Cowboys''

Who wants some League of Extraordinary Blogger goodness?

Following on from last week's open-ended topic (Spies), Brian at Cool and Collected (and coordinator of The League) posed another similarly broad topic for discussion:


After a quick Youtube search failed to provide the title music to the truly awful British sitcom of the same name (featuring what I seem to remember was a Chas 'n' Dave soundtrack - and for those who don't know who Chas 'n' Dave are, consider yourself lucky) I settled on my second choice: some Goths from Stevenage, covered in flour*, performing their super-atmospheric interpretation of Ennio Morricone's already super-atmospheric ''Harmonica'' theme from the greatest Western ever made, Once Upon a Time in the West.

* Yes, that really was A Thing.

You're welcome.



  1. Is it me, or does this sound pretty creepy?

    1. I think they transposed the key (probably into a minor, sad one), as the original doesn't sound quite so unsettling. Fields of the Nephilim are a very moody/atmospheric kind of band, too.





      And for something a bit more uptempo, you can't beat a mathe-magickal constructed prayer intended to invoke Nylarthotep (especially when it has such a kick-ass bassline.)


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