Thursday, February 21, 2013

FEATURE: LoEB ''A Birthday Celebration''

It's hard to believe but The League of Extraordinary Bloggers turns one year old this week!

To honor the occasion, Head Honcho of the League and coordinator of our assignments Brian at Cool and Collected, gave us a two-fold task this week:

1. Write about your involvement in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and recall some of your favorite posts — these could be your own and/or those written by others. 

2. Come up with a list of potential topics you would like to see as future weekly League challenges. 

In all honesty I don't recall how I got involved in the League and although I did miss the first assignment, I've always done my utmost to try and contribute since joining in with Assignment 2. Not only is it a lot of fun (even if at times it's challenging) but it's also a great way to spread some love to other blogs and bloggers (and I mean that in a totally platonic way guys - I'm flattered and all but I'm already very happily married, so sorry to disappoint you all there...) 

And if I may step away from the question for a moment - which seems to be a running theme around here when it comes to the Assignments - I'd like to thank my fellow League Members for their posts over the last year. It's always fun to see how such a diverse range of comments and views can be spawned by a single topic and I've certainly enjoyed the entertainment, nostalgia, humor and even heartfelt contributions we've collectively created.

Anyway, there's somebody standing over there doing spinning motions with his finger and I can see the orchestra is about to start playing me off, so I'll quickly move on with a few of my favorite Assignments.

Of course, with over fifty Assignments to choose from, there's a lot to cover but those are certainly the ones that truly stand out in my mind.

As for the second half of the Assignment, I've a few ideas based solely on what I'd write about and - hopefully - something others might enjoy doing, too.

The Best Day of My Life
Write about a day that was special to you. It could be a Christmas when you received THAT gift, the day you first saw your now-favorite movie or a day that featured an awesome event of pop culture importance.

Hate Turns to Love (Or Vice-Versa)
I'm sure we've all experienced a change of heart over something we once hated - or loved. Perhaps there's a movie you recently re-watched and suddenly found a new appreciation for. Or perhaps something you hold dear has become so commonplace that you've grown tired of it. Share some of your experiences.

Why Did They Never...?
A pretty open-ended discussion point. Think about a TV show, movie, toy line, book or whatever else is applicable and then tell us about something you wish had happened differently.

Utterly Inappropriate Tie-Ins
Hollywood (in particular) seems keen to whore their brands to every Tom, Dick and Harry with a factory, regardless of how applicable or appropriate the licensed product is. What do you think would be the worst tie-in possible?

That's just a few ideas for now, but hopefully enough to give my other League Members something to consider, too!


See the full assignment - and list of contributions - over at Cool and Collected.


  1. Good ideas. I def dig thr hate turns to love topic!

    1. Thanks. It always seems to be that the more open-ended ideas work best, as it gives more scope for contribution and I figured that was probably something most people had experienced!

  2. Great ideas Iok--I can't remember when you weren't part of the League and your contributions have always been awesome!

    1. Thanks. I joined in with Assignment 2 but due to family commitments and other Real World stuff I did miss out on a few along the way! I'm looking forward to seeing what we've got coming up this year, though!


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