Tuesday, February 12, 2013

REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 1 - Piece Mail Pete

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released 2012

SLUG Zombies Series... 1?
With the New York Toy Fair 2013 currently underway (and sadly, no word yet from JAKKS Pacific on what we can expect this year, SLUG-wise), we're reminded of the simpler, slower and less complicated time, when the SLUG Zombies first exploded onto the scene during the 2012 Toy Fair... Ah, it seems so long ago... And so to honor a year of the line, we're delving back into the first wave to round-off the 16-figure line with Reviews of the last few figures that we haven't had a chance to look at - such as the subject of today's Review, Piece Mail Pete.

NOTE: Piece Mail Pete was provided by JAKKS Pacific for the purpose of Review and was not purchased by That Figures. Just thought we'd clear that up.

Piece Mail Pete
Piece Mail Pete is a prime example of JAKKS Pacific's ''everyday people-turned-zombies'' figures. In this case, Pete is a former postal worker, turned into an undead, shambling nightmare.
The always-excellent sculpt work is present and correct, with Piece Mail Pete still clad in his postal uniform, complete with shorts and hat. But, as this is a SLUG Zombie, there's a macabre twist, namely in the contents of his post bag...
A pair of feet and some gnawed bones are, apparently, Priority Mail for Pete. It's a great little touch that echoes the idea seen in many zombie movies, where the undead continue about their pre-zombification routines - in this case, Pete is still making his rounds, although letters, cards and parcels have been replaced with body parts. It's a wonderfully grim bit of sculpting.
The pose is also very cool, with his knock-need shambling gait being captured perfectly and his bent arms having a superb post rigor mortis look about them. The bent-in feet also help make him very stable and he stands with ease.
Final Thoughts
Piece Mail Pete is a great example of the SLUG Zombies line, taking an everyday person and applying a ghoulish transformation with a wickedly dark sense of humor. From concept to execution, it's a great bit of work and showcases just how much fun - however twisted - the SLUG Zombies line can be.

As he was released as part of a three-figure set in which he was the only exclusive figure, I think some collectors may have passed on Piece Mail Pete. I have to admit that I couldn't personally justify to myself buying the three pack simply for completeness's sake, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw him included in the package JAKKS Pacific sent That Figures for Review. 

Having read all that, I'm sure you're probably wondering: is Piece Mail Pete worth the three-figure pack asking price, given that the other two figures are included in the 12-pack? That's a tough one to call, in all honesty. Whilst Pete is a great-looking figure, he's not as impressive, funny or cool as some of the other figures in the line-up. That's not to say he's a bad figure or has anything particularly wrong with him but for me, personally, I've just always preferred the spoof/homage figures in the line.

With that said, though, the sculpt is tight, the humor is as grim as it should be and the detail work is cool. It's just at the end of the day, Pete is a zombie mailman. If that idea appeals then you'll love this figure, as it delivers (ha!) perfectly on what you'd expect.

Solid, grisly and fun but probably more one for the completists (or fans of mailmen.)

Final Score: B

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