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REVIEW: SLUG Zombies Series 2 - Buck Wilde

Produced by JAKKS Pacific | Released 2012

SLUG Zombies Series 2
The second wave of SLUG Zombies, released in 2012, introduced a new sub-line of figures: human survivors! 

Colored in a nostalgic MUSCLE pink/peach, the humans not only added a new colorway to the all-green line-up but also allowed the designers to introduce additional parodies and homages. We've already seen their take on a certain zombie-hating Englishman and Antipodean survivalist and now we add another...

Buck Wilde
From his duster coat, stetson and sheriff's badge, it's obvious Buck Wilde is a western lawman. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure whether he's supposed to be a parody of an existing character or whether he's an amalgam of generic ''western sheriff''-style characters...
EDIT: As John points out in the comment section, this is of course a homage to The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes. D'oh!

Whatever Buck Wilde's origins though, he's a pretty neat-looking figure. As with the rest of the SLUG Zombie line, the sculpt work is highly detailed. Check out the ragged edges on his duster coat, his belt shirt buttons and even his fingers and facial features.
And as we've come to expect, the details are superbly rendered, with crisp, sharp edges and lines. Every time I photograph a SLUG figure I'm impressed with the fine detail and sculpt work that goes into each.
Like most of the survivor figures, Buck Wilde is sculpted in a kind of ''open arms'' pose that echoes the old MUSCLE Men stance. It's not the most practical of poses for a zombie hunter but I like the nice little nod to the past.
Buck Wilde is one of the rarer SLUG Zombie humans, appearing as an exclusive in a three pack along with the Macho Mangler and Flesh Eatin' Phil

Final Thoughts
As is often the case with some of the SLUG Zombie figures, Buck Wilde is a figure where the images pretty much tell you everything you need to know. There's no articulation to discuss and, as with the rest of the line, the sculpting and production are both excellent. It's not intended as any kind of detrimental comment but there's really very little to add here.

If you like the SLUG Zombies line, dig the retro-MUSCLE look of the humans or you just like cowboys then you'll find a lot to like here. As I said, the sculpting is detailed and nicely rendered, the pose is cool and he's a neat addition to the line. If you're not a fan of these little rubbery figures you probably won't see what all the fuss is about but if you're a convert to the Cult of Keshi then you're sure to like Buck Wilde.

Another great figure that reminds you of just how much fun the SLUG Zombie line was.

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  1. Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead perhaps? Either way a fun little figure.


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