The Glyos range of toys is an unusual one. In a world of extreme poseability and one-off designer vinyls, Onell Design buck both trends to create a series of affordable, retro figures that seem part Monster in My Pocket, part Microman, part Lego.

At just under 3'' tall, each Glyos figure comes with 12 points of articulation and uses the Glyos Joint System, allowing each figure's parts to be interchanged with others from the series.

Founder Series
Standard Pheyden
Aves Exellis
Hyper Exellis

Sarvos Enforcer (White)

Gendrone Clear Orange
Gendrone White

Specials and Extras
Pheyden Blue Beanbot
Red/Yellow Beanbot Variant (Name Unknown)
GITD Red Solaris Echo Morph
Redlaw Solaris Echo Morph
Beige (Ranic) Phase Arm
Clear Green (Neo Phase) Phase Arm

You can find out more about the incredible world of Glyos at the Onell Design website.

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