Friday, December 10, 2010

NEWS: New Wave of Glyos Figures ''Next Week''

Matt Doughty of Onell Design has posted a few preview images of the upcoming wave of Glyos figures.

As we previously mentioned, Matt has cited Takara's classic Henshin Cyborg as a big influence on this wave and nowhere is that more evident than with the purple Phanost pictured here, which is clearly Matt's tribute to my favourite bad guy, King Walder.

This wave is also the first to incorporate the Axis Joint System, a newly designed joint set that allows for a greater level of poseability and articulation.

The post at the Onell Design Transmission Blog also teases a ''next week'' release date for these toys, which, despite being a full production run (rather than a custom drop) I'm sure will sell-out very quickly.

More as we get it.


  1. These are going to be so cool! But me with no money not so cool. : (

  2. They'll probably come in at about 6-8 bucks, I'd imagine (plus shipping) - Glyos figures are usually priced at a very pocket-friendly level.

  3. Well i hope i can get a hold of one before they are all gone.

  4. The production runs are usually pretty good in terms of numbers, but given these are the first wave of Axis Joints, I think demand will be pretty high. Better to get in fast, just to be safe!


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