Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEWS: The GodBeast's Kabuto Mushi Imminent? (UPDATE: Now Taking Orders!)

Artwork by Nate Newell of Dork Dimension
Kabuto Mushi is The Godbeast's latest Glyos collaboration, a mutated insectoid figure that's both beautiful and horribly creepy at the same time. He's been in development for some time but - judging by the pictures on The GodBeast's blog - it looks as if the new figure's release is imminent.

UPDATE: Click through for ordering details.

The GodBeast began work on the figure around September of 2009, with some early shots appearing at the end of last year. Over the last few months, more images and details have been steadily released, including this amazing ''thermo chameleon'' that changes colour based upon the temperature its exposed to.

Today sees the first images of the figure in his packaging, which features illustrations by Nate Newell and demonstrates the range of colourways we can expect to see when the figures go on sale (I especially like the Ultra Stealth variant at the bottom right....)

UPDATE: The GodBeast is now taking orders. Best act fast though, as they won't be around forever!


  1. Just so you know, Marty is taking orders for the Kabuto Mushi wave over at the October Toys forums:


    It looks like he has some Kabuto Mushi head/torso sets left. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Nathan - I'll update the article. Love the artwork, BTW!

  3. Thanks, dude! I'm glad you dig it!


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