Monday, March 28, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Monkeyin' Around ''Mouthy'' Monkey

A vending machine that gives out MONKEY toys? Surely such a thing would cause the world to implode under the weight of such awesomeness! But lo! - the Monkeyin' Around capsule toys!

The toys retail for 25c. There are larger versions of the same figures also available for 50c in some places, but today we're looking at the regular-sized, single Quarter toys.

This ''Mouthy'' Monkey as I've named him isn't articulated but the pose is good, with him pulling a childish face and sticking-out his tongue. Maybe he's telling the Wide Mouthed Frog Joke. Anyway, it's a pretty cute little expression on his face and there's a real sense of childish joy about the toy's face that I really like.

The paint is a little sloppily applied but it's not bad for a toy of this size. The use of black within the mouth really accentuates the sculpt's large-mouthed face.

Interestingly, he doesn't have a tail, which is a pretty major oversight if he's a monkey. That aside though he's a lot of fun and the Monkeyin' Around capsule machines are quite common, so you should be able to find yourself this toy - or one of his seven other series counterparts - pretty easily.


  1. My buddy i work with has one of these in his tool box....a gift from one of his daughters. : )

  2. They are very cool. I have a few and may cover them in an upcoming feature.

  3. I really want the monkey that is looking between his legs, but alas I just happened to run across one of these vending machines in a small shop in a small town, and haven't seen them anywhere else.

  4. I think I found that one once but when we moved house a lot of stuff was put in storage and I'm not sure where they all wound-up...


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