Saturday, September 24, 2011

NEWS: Spider-Man/Captain Britain Pack Spotted At Retail

Sadly not spotted by me - as I'd have bought it - but the Marvel's Greatest Battles Comic Pack featuring Spider-Man and (original costume) Captain Britain has landed at retail, as this Tweeted image from ItsAllTrue.Net shows.

Lucky sod.


  1. I have not seen this one and have yet to see the Deadpool/Taskmaster one either.

  2. I saw the Deadpool one yesterday, but that was the first time I'd seen it for a long time. Given that the other MU figures were virtually all older re-issues, my guess is that Hasbro has just put out a big revision case (including the Deadpool/Taskmaster pack.)

  3. Am still keeping eyes peeled for that one because am think of picking up just for Taskmaster.

  4. Yeah, Taskmaster is really cool. I was quite surprised to see the line-up in my local Wal-Mart - it's been quite dry for a long time. It's just too bad I already had everything!


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