Monday, October 31, 2011

GALLERY: Haunted House Busts

Ahead of tonight's fiendish festivities, we're taking a look at these very cool Haunted House busts.

Distributed by Greenbrier International and sold in Dollar Tree stores (for yes, you guessed it, a Dollar each) these statues are two pieces from a line of at least five busts (last year I found the Wolfman, Vampire Count and Satyr/Devil statues from the same range.) There may well be more but so far these are all I've seen.

First up is the Female Vampire.

No name is given for this figurine but given her combination of fangs and period costume, I'm guessing it's supposed to be the folklore take on Countess Bathory. It's a cool sculpt with some nice detail and the ''fake stone'' casting is particularly effective in making this piece look more akin to a grave marker than something you'd buy in a Dollar Store!

The second piece is a hooded skull-face figure I'm assuming is intended to be Death.

There's a superb sense of the medieval in this sculpt. I'm reminded of the figures of Death as seen in wood-cuttings and manuscripts, as well as those seen in Gothic graveyards.

Final Thoughts
There's really very little to add that the photos don't show. They look neat, the sculpts are cool, they're fairly solid and feel pretty weighty. And they'll set you back a whole Dollar - you really can't go wrong for that.

Definitely a lot of fun if you're a fan of the macabre or you're looking for a Halloween-related desk ornament.

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