Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NEWS: The Adjustment Bureau: The TV Show

Sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau is being ''adjusted'' for the small-screen as an on-going series, courtesy of SyFy.

The movie - released earlier this year - starred Matt Damon as Congressman David Norris, whose life is manipulated toward a specific path by a mysterious group of suited men with the ability to warp reality to suit their plans. Now Deadline brings us the news that US TV Channel SyFy (formerly The Sci-Fi Channel) is planning to adapt the movie (itself based upon a Philip K. Dick story) for television.

The show is being developed by former Smallville producers Darren Schwimmer and Todd Slavkin, with the movie's writer/director/producer George Nolfi also on-board as producer.

No word yet on an air-date but we'll bring you more when we have it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh boring... the movie was alright but not enough to warrant a TV show. Just my two cents ha ha!


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