Friday, October 14, 2011

NEWS: GI Joe NYCC Video and Gallery

First up, here's a very cool video of Hasbro's NYCC GI Joe display (thanks to ToysREvil for the original sighting.)

If that was all a little too fast for you, then check-out this very cool and comprehensive gallery at A Real American Hero, which showcases the upcoming 30th Anniversary single carded figures, more Renegades figures and includes more on the BBTS-exclusive seven-figure packs.


  1. Some amazing stuff! I really need to get back on the GI Joe bangwagon i have not bought any in a while.

  2. The newer waves have been a mixed bag but Stalker and the Renegades Firefly are cool.

  3. That Zombie-Viper looks great!

  4. Yeah, I have high hopes for the line after seeing these figures.


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