Friday, October 28, 2011

NEWS: Imperfecz Capsulebot

How did I miss this?

Luke from L.Designs, creator of the Imperfecz line of mini-figures, has really knocked the ball out of the park with his latest creation, the Capsulebot. Available next month from Designer Con 2011 - and then later on the Imperfecz online store - the Caspsulebots will be available as ''DIY/Blank'' editions, custom editions and more.

Ahead of that, check-out the gallery of images at the Imperfecz site.

UPDATE: Luke is offering Blank Capsulebots via his Google+ account now, priced at $30 each.


  1. Thanks for the spot! Right now I have a small handful as a kind of resin kit available through Google+
    People can grab them up here:

  2. Thanks Luke - the link is click-able in the update now.


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