Monday, October 10, 2011

NEWS: John Carter Press Event Reveals Props, Costumes and More

Ahead of the launch of Disney's take on Edgar Rice Burrough's science fantasy series, John Carter (still residentially but no longer titularly Of Mars) the press got a sneak peek at what to expect when the movie lands in cinemas next year.

John Carter is the hero of the Barsoom series of pulp novels, written by Tarzan creator Burroughs, in which the Civil War veteran is transported to Mars, a planet populated by various warring factions. Over the course of almost a dozen novels, Carter - and in the later books, his descendants - explore the world of Barsoom and encounter evil enemies, weird wildlife and deadly challenges (many of which initially revolve around the pursuit and attempted rescue of the Princess of Mars, Dejah Thoris.)

A staple of the pulp genre - indeed, it could be said that the Barsoom novels pretty much invented the ''swords and science'' sub-genre - John Carter's adventures have thrilled generations and are now poised to win over a new legion of fans with the release of Disney's John Carter, a live-action and CGI-laden action-adventure flick set for a 2012 release. But ahead of that, here's a few snaps of the various props and costumes displayed during the aforementioned press event.

See more over at Bleeding Cool.

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