Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEWS: More NYCC Cosplay

The New York Comic Con saw its share of Cosplayers, with everything from videogame characters to superheroes (and the odd villain), from Steampunks to movie icons. Now we've a selection of galleries from around the web that showcase some of the most fun, creative and downright cool costumes.

First up, Geeks are Sexy brings us a great gallery featuring - among other things - a great Mortal Kombat Sub Zero, X-Men line-up and Captain Chaos.

...Ology continues the Mortal Kombat shenanigans with a cool Kitana, Chun Li doing her bit for her fighting franchise and a superb giant Jack Skellinton rounds-off our picks. 

Destructoid has a general gallery of photos from the show with a few Cosplayers including an amazing Transformers Bumblebee, Cloud Stife and a fantastically camp old school Power Man.

From Comicvine we get a creepy zombie Catwoman, an old school Willy Wonka and everybody's favourite GI Joe sailor, Shipwreck (complete with Polly.)

Finally, MTV Geek bring us the Top Ten Sexiest Cosplayers of the Con, which includes a superb Black Cat, a gender-bending Robin (the Girl Wonder?) and of course, the obligatory Slave Leia costume.


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