Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NEWS: NiStuff's Anomalies Reviewed At Battlegrip.com

It's hard enough missing out on Cons such as the New York Comic Con. But when I see stuff like these awesome Anomalies over at Battlegrip.com, it makes it doubly so.

Created by Ni of NiStuff, the Anomalies are a line of 2'' tall Monster In My Pocket/MUSCLE-style figures, but with their own unique space-faring aesthetic that compares very favourably to the style used by Onell Design that combines the organic and the synthetic to great effect.

Ni's online store is currently offering an assortment of figures and random bundles, including the Taizu and Slir Superior Anomalies for $10 per figure (if that sounds a little pricey, remember each piece is hand-painted with its own unique design, so you're effectively getting a one-off piece of toy art) and the smaller Wurtch figures for $6.

See more of Ni's work at Battlegrip.com and check-out his blog for more info on these very cool figures.

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