Friday, November 18, 2011

NEWS: Blind-Bagged Hot Wheels

Phillip at Battlegrip spotted this rather interesting display in a Wal-Mart store earlier this week, featuring a line of blind-bagged Hot Wheels toys. No doubt intended to cash-in on the Gogo's Crazy Bones/Lego Minifigures mystery buy craze, there are - as the image informs us - 24 cars to collect in this wave of cars, although they do appear to be re-colours of previously-released toys.

Still with Christmas just around the corner (and yes, it's a worryingly-close 36 days away) these could make an ideal stocking stuffer for fans of the line or younger relatives.


  1. Oh no am staying away from these i nickel and dime myself now with Lego,Playmobil and now Character Builder blind bags lol.

  2. Haha! Yeah, I'm the same with Crazy Bones!

  3. Thank goodness i never jumped on the Crazy Bones band wagon haha.


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