Thursday, November 10, 2011

NEWS: Hasbro Investor Day Sees GI Joe: Retaliation First Look

Yesterday saw Hasbro holding its annual Investor Day presentation, during which the first footage from the upcoming toy-to-movie adaptation GI Joe: Retaliation was screened.

Although the meeting was broadcast live over the Internet, it was an audio-only presentation but on the up-side  a few folks over at The HISS Tank forums were able to provide a summary of what transpired:

“A girl was talking in the beginning of the video. The Rock’s iconic voice was heard talking in a very cool manner. Zing… a Shuriken was thrown. It was then followed by a rap song. Sword Fight!!! Machine guns going off like there is no tomorrow. The Joe team shouting “RETALIATION!” Bing-Bang-Boom. Rock music and stop. It was a good 2 minutes of tons of things happening. The crowd cheered like mad.”

It's also worth noting that the music used has since been confirmed as Cypress Hill's Rock Superstar. Do you think they're trying to tell us something about Roadblock's role in the movie there?

Here's hoping we get to see the trailer for ourselves in the near future.

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