Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NEWS: Matty Collector's Demo-Man Delayed

The upcoming Masters Of the Universe Classics Demo-Man has been delayed.

Matty Collector posted the news yesterday and explained how the delay will effect the figure's release:

If you are a Club Eternia® subscriber, we will stand by our commitment to ship your entire order in one shipment, so subscription orders will not ship until Demo-Man™ is received at our warehouse. We expect that to happen sometime in early January. So, if you're a subscriber only to Club Eternia®, both Demo-Man™ and Battleground Evil-Lyn® will ship together around the beginning of January. And if you have a combo subscription with Club Ecto-1, then Demo-Man™, Battleground Evil-Lyn®, and the Ghostbusters™ 6" Vigo figure will all ship together when Demo-Man™ becomes available.

If you purchase Demo-Man™ at our regular monthly sale, any other products ordered along with him will be held until he is received at our warehouse. If you want products other than Demo-Man™ to ship right away, please purchase Demo-Man™ in one transaction and all other products in another transaction.

So there you have it.

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