Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NEWS: Sucklord's Occupy Cybertron Releases Revealed

The Sucklord has revealed his latest line-up of releases, which will be available as part of his Occupy Cybertron event later today.

Occupy Cybertron sees the Super Sucklord ''acting as the leader of the Decepticons, [defending] his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, AKA the 99%, who will attempt to“occupy” the End of Century retail space and gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side.''


Anyway, you can view the full gallery of his releases at his Flickr page, but here's a few choice cuts.

1 Percent 8'' Mego-style figure (Deluxe). Limited to 24 pieces.
1 Percent 8'' Mego Style figure (Basic) Limited to 24 pieces.

1 Percent Original Bootleg Style Figure.
Autobot Protesters 3'' Figures. Limited to 10 pieces.
And finally, for the lady in your life there's some very cool jewelry from the Sucklady, Roxy Sunblazer:

1 Percent Necklace
1 Percent Earrings
The Occupy Cybertron event takes place tonight (December 7th) between 7PM and 9PM at the End of Century, 237 Eldridge Street, New York.


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