Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NEWS: Variant Marvel Universe Figures At Family Dollar?

It would appear that discount chain Family Dollar has received a shipment of variant Marvel Universe figures.

At least, that's the story over at Marvelous News.

According to the site - and multiple forum users - the store has an inventory of figures from the line that includes a WWII-Era Captain America with ''more vibrant and bright colors'' and that their modern-age Thor ''is made to look like the SDCC exclusive Marvel Legends Heroic Age Thor with lightening effect.''

I have to admit I'm struggling to see the change in the above photo (featured at Marvelous News) but next time you're in your local Family Dollar, check it out for yourself...


  1. Wow that's just wild i will have to stop at our local one and give it a look see.

  2. They're $8 a pop, but I suppose for the variants that's not bad. I'm not that obsessive about them myself, though!

  3. I guess i'm gonna have to add Family Dollar to my toy runs again.

  4. I can't remember the last time I was in a Family Dollar. I shop at Dollar Tree!


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