Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NEWS: Adam Warlock & Thanos/Gambit & Mr Sinister Gallery

Fans of the Marvel Universe line will be out in force over the next few weeks in search of the latest additions to the Greatest Battles lines, which feature the pairings of Adam Warlock and Thanos and the X-Men's Gambit and Mr Sinister, both of which should be arriving at retail in the US very soon.

Ahead of their arrival in the US, the Gum 5 blog - via The ToyArk - has a sneak-peek at what we can expect to see.

Although both Thanos and Gambit have been previously released (the latter as part of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in line), Adam Warlock and Mr Sinister are pretty neat additions to the line.

Expect to see these double-packs hitting shelves soon.

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