Monday, January 2, 2012

NEWS: Amazing Spider-Man's Electronic Game Reveals The Lizard In More Detail

Coming to us from Slashfilm - via io9 - is this image of an upcoming electronic Amazing Spider-Man toy, showing chief antagonist The Lizard in all his scaly glory. Note that the red dot on his forehead is part of the toy itself and not a sign that the Lizard has converted to Hinduism.

You can see more of The Lizard over at Slashfilm, where they've collated the various bits of concept art and pre-production toys ahead of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man this Summer.


  1. Am a little let down on the Lizards appearance i was hoping he would be a little more closer to how he looks in the comics.

  2. Agreed. I'd have loved to see the original design used.


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