Friday, January 20, 2012

NEWS: Avengers Movie Figures Spotted On Shelves

The movie isn't slated to hit cinemas for another four months but that doesn't mean you can't get in on the action yourself, as the associated toy line is already hitting retail.

As reported at The ToyArk, the first wave of Marvel's The Avengers figures are available at Toys R Us and include both Mighty Muggs and  3 3/4'' action figures.

Note that the 3 3/4'' figures include both Movie and Comic Series lines along with ''Deluxe Edition'' figures such as the Powerbomb Iron Man and Parachute Captain America, both of which feature oversized/premium accessories.

Although the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America figures appear to borrow extensively from previously seen figures (or may indeed just be re-packaged releases) the Hulk figure includes a new ''stomach crunch'' joint, which is presumably used in his ''Smashing Action'' function. Indeed, given that Thor features a ''Launching Hammer'' and both Iron Man toys have launching or spinning discs, it appears that ''action features'' are a theme for this line...


  1. Nice to see new stuff hitting shelves! Also, those appear to be MINI Muggs and not Mighty Muggs.

    1. Yeah, I hope they're not Hasbro's usual movie tie-in quality thought...

      As for the Muggs, I'm not sure. The ToyArk referred to them as ''Mighty Muggs'' (as in Mighty Avengers, I guess) but it's not a line I collect so I can't say!


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