Friday, January 27, 2012

NEWS: Avengers Toy Images - Including Vehicles!

Last week we brought you the news that figures from Marvel's The Avengers tie-in toy line had already been spotted on shelves. Now we've the first images of the associated line of role play toys and - coolest of all - 3 3/4'' scale vehicles.

GI Joe and Action Force site Red Shadows posted a couple of scans from the UK Toyfair 2012 catalogue, featuring a few images of the associated action figures and some rather funky-looking vehicles.

Although the Stark Tek Battle Vehicle(s - plural?) appears to be a muted repaint of the previously-seen Captain America Justice Jet (which is currently clogging shelves at Ross Dress For Less...) I have to say I'm actually quite impressed seeing it in this more lifelike colouway.

Perhaps the most exciting vehicles though are the Quinjet and SHIELD (or ''SHEILD'''as the catalogue describes it) Helicarrier. Based upon the size of the cockpit (and using a standard 3 3/4'' figure for scale purposes) the Quinjet would appear to be around 12+'' long. The SHIELD Helicarrier meanwhile is described as being over three feet long(!) and features four firing weapons plus a landing-deck large enough to accommodate the aforementioned Quinjet.

No word on pricing or release dates but we'll be watching these toys very closely. And here's hoping that Hasbro is as generous with the oversized vehicles in the GI Joe: Retaliation line!


  1. The figures sound like a let down at the moment but the vehicles however look cool.

    1. I hope they sell. It may give Hasbro more incentive to do some larger Joe vehicles!


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