Friday, January 6, 2012

NEWS: Benedict Cumberbatch Lets Slip Hobbit Spoiler

Sherlock - and soon-to-be Star Trek 2 - star Benedict Cumberbatch may have accidentally revealed a rather large spoiler for the upcoming big-screen adaptations of The Hobbit.

Be warned that here be there SPOILERS.

During an interview with Empire Magazine, Cumberbatch commented on his upcoming dual roles in The Hobbit and let slip with a pretty major spoiler:

I'm playing Smaug through motion-capture and voicing the Necromancer, which is a character in the Five Legions War or something which I'm meant to understand. He's not actually in the original Hobbit. It's something [Peter Jackson]'s taken from Lord Of The Rings that he wants to put in there."

Perhaps in future interviews he should simply state that he's Barrel-Rider and Luckwearer and leave it at that...

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