Monday, January 9, 2012

NEWS: Future For Terra Nova Still Undecided

It's difficult to write without resorting to time travel-related puns, but it appears that the future may not be bright for Fox's sci-fi drama Terra Nova.

During their recent Press Tour, Fox's Entertainment President Kevin Reilly admitted that whilst the show had found an audience (especially in the UK where it managed a very respectable million-plus viewers on subscription channel Sky One) it had spent much of the first season trying to find its voice. As he told HitFix, ''I loved some of the episodes and some of the ideas in there. But creatively, it was hunting.''

Although I personally found the Pilot a very by-the-numbers production (taking a lot of cues from shows such as Lost and the Julian May-penned Saga of Pliocene Exile novels) and didn't continue watching any further episodes, the show clearly had its fans. As Reilly comments ''we made money on it, the studio made money on it.'' But on the other hand, given that the show would need to begin production in the next month or so if Season Two was to land in time for the Fall Schedule - and that so far there's been no announcement regarding the filming of a second season - things aren't looking great.

We'll bring you more when we have it.


  1. i checked out one episode a while a couple months ago but never bothered with it after that.

  2. Yeah, as I say, I watched the Pilot but just didn't get hooked.


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