Thursday, January 12, 2012

NEWS: Glyos Block Teasers

No, I've no idea what's going on either, but the above image is just one of the many teasers released by Onell Design featuring their latest creation, The Block.

Thankfully, Phillip Reed - owner/creator of Battlegrip and friend of Onell Design's Matt Doughty - has the inside line. Although they're still shrouded in mystery, Phillip - who got to play around with the prototype Blocks during a visit to Onell HQ back in October of last year - explains some of their core functions:

As its name implies, The Block is a building toy. Stack several together to form a tower, line up two or three to create a wall, or design a paper backdrop and use The Block as a base to create your own cardboard and plastic playset. And with a hairdryer, dremel, and a hobby knife you can further customize the toy by cutting out pre-marked spots where other Glyos System vinyl toys can be brought into your creation.

In the interview posted at Plastic and Plush Matt Doughty says: “It serves as a homage to the capsules that the Microman/Micronauts used . . . “

So The Block can act as a container or tiny vehicle for your Glyos System action figures. And if you combine this with the customization options things start to get . . . weird.

You can learn more - well, actually you can't, but you should still go anyway - at the Onell Design Blog and Battlegrip's close-up look at The Block.

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