Monday, January 30, 2012

NEWS: Marvel Minimates Wave 13

Diamond Select Toys has just released the latest info on Wave 13 of their incredibly popular Marvel Minimates.

Here's the full skinny on each double-figure pack, fresh from The Art Asylum's blog:

Spider-Sense Spider-Man & The Punisher
DST revisits gun-toting vigilante The Punisher for the first time since Punisher: War Zone, and goes back to his first appearance, when he took on Spider-Man! Spidey gets a removable spider-sense effect, to let him know the Punisher has him in his sights.

Daredevil & Kingpin
Crime lord The Kingpin was one of the earliest Minimates DST made in the Marvel line, so he’s long overdue for an update! This version incorporates the new big-body design used on characters like the Hulk, and comes with his old sparring partner Daredevil.

Mirage & Magma
These two New Mutants used to be trainees at the Xavier School, and they recently got the old team back together, taking an apartment in downtown San Francisco, near the mutant haven on the island nation of Utopia.

Boomer & Rictor
Cable took the training of new mutants in a different direction than Professor X, and the mutant strikeforce X-Force was known for their risky tactics, as well as their risky fashions. Our first figures of Boomer and Rictor show them in their amazing ’90s costumes.

Expect to see these double-packs on shelves from March.

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