Monday, January 30, 2012

NEWS: Adam Pratt Interview

Fans of former Halfbad Toyz Head Honcho-turned-solo toy artist Adam Pratt won't want to miss-out on this interview with the man himself at Man-E-Toys.

As well as discussing the Halfbad Toyz days and sharing some info on their past releases (including the origin stories of Skekiltor and Podiagon, neither of which I'd ever seen before), Adam also talks about his upcoming hush-hush collaboration with Vanessa Ramirez plus his favourite toys and artists.


  1. Thanks! At the time of the interview, we didn't know the background to Skekiltor or Podiagon, but Steve has gone even further with his creations and fleshed the story out even more.

    So awesome! Make sure you check out Papagrim toys for the further adventures of Podiagon and Skekiltor.

    1. It was a very interesting read, thanks!

      And yeah, I saw oOMoSOo had done the mini-figure Skekiltor, which looks superb.


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