Monday, January 9, 2012

NEWS: Star Trek Sequel Snippets

It's been a bit of a busy weekend for Star Trek 2 news, so here's a quick round-up of a few stories you may have missed.

Family Man Gets Family Wife
We told you last week that Doctor Who star Noel Clarke had joined the cast, playing a character described as ''a family man with a wife and young daughter.'' Now Entertainment Weekly reports that at least one of those roles has been filled with the casting of Nazneen Contractor, probably best known for her roles in 24 and - ahem - The Paul Reiser Show.

JJ Abrams ''Didn't Want To Do'' Sequel in 3D
HitFix brings us the news that Director J.J. Abrams wasn't sold on the idea the sequel being release in 3D but, following a screening of some test footage from the original movie that had been converted in post-production, he began to change his mind.

"I wanted it to match the look of the first and shoot it anamorphically," said Abrams. "Then I saw the first movie converted; it was actually really cool. So I was okay with [converting the film to 3D], as long as I could shoot it the way I wanted to.”

Filming on the still to-be-titled Star Trek sequel begins this Thursday, with a view to a May 2013 release. We'll no doubt be bringing you more on this in the meantime.

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