Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEWS: Travel Channel Announces ''Toy Hunters''

January 15th sees The Travel Channel debuting new toy-themed reality show, Toy Hunters.

As reported at Millionaire Playboy:

Folllow Toy and Collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough and his team as they travel the country searching out the rarest and most sought after toys and pop culture collectibles! Join Jordan as he meets incredible people and learns about the history of some of the most popular toy lines in the past 30 years. He’s out to uncover the Holy Grails of the collecting community… and time is running out!

Travel with Hembrough and his Hollywood Heroes as they journey to New York Comic Con, gathering rare and never before seen toys along the way. Comic Con is the “Super Bowl” of toy wheeling and dealing, gathering thousands of people each year. It’s the event where the biggest comic and toy collectors turn out to spend BIG money on the rarest toys!

Can Jordan “seal the deal” and turn his new found treasures into Toy Gold?! Tune in Jan 15th and find out! Tune in at 11:00pm on Travel Channel. Check your local listings.

These may be toys… but this aint child’s play!


  1. Is this just a one off or a on-going show? I set my DVR to record it and it only comes up as one show only.

  2. I'm not sure. Perhaps it's a backdoor pilot or special. I'll have to check.

  3. Yeah see if you can find out Kev because if it is going to be a ongoing show am going to record them all.


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