Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEWS: Minimates Vehicles Series 3

The Art Asylum has just released a whole bunch o' man-and-vehicle-based goodness ahead of the release of the Minimates Vehicles Series 3 toys.

Click though to check them out for yourself.

The latest wave of Minimates vehicles includes Knight Rider's KITT and KARR (with Michael Knight and Garth Knight, respectively) plus the Calico Jack and the Pirate Raiders' Vendetta and HMS Albion.

As ever, there are Toys R Us-exclusive and comic/specialty store-exclusive variants, with Michael Knight and the ''regular'' mode KITT being exclusive to the former and the latter carrying KARR and the Super Pursuit Mode KITT. 

The comic/specialty store-exclusives land on shelves tomorrow, with KITT and the other Toys R Us-only releases hitting stores next month.

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