Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEWS: Warner Denies Dark Knight Rises Audio Modifications

We brought you the news yesterday that - following poor audience response - Warner Bros. had re-issued the Dark Knight Rises prologue with a new audio mix.

Now it seems Warner Bros. is denying any such changes.

The Dark Knight Rises prologue - which can be seen attached to select screenings of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - left a number of viewers scratching their heads due to the rather unique way in which chief protagonist Bane speaks. His heavy accent and voice-muffling mask - although stylistically interesting - make it virtually impossible to understand just what, exactly, is being said and many audience members have complained that this makes following the prologue's plot difficult.

Director Christopher Nolan has - ironically - been very vocal about the performance, stating that it was up to the audience to keep-up with what was happening and that intent and on-screen action would be enough to convey the plot.

It seemed that Warner Bros. had finally given-in to audience pressure and issued a newly re-balanced audio mix of the prologue. Now, however, according to SFX  The New York Times' Dave Itzkoff  is reporting that “Warner Bros. says ‘no truth’ to reports of new Dark Knight Rises prologue trailers going out with fixed Bane audio.”

So it appears we're back to square one. Or as Bane would put it ''mrffun chrg hfhr.''

More when we have it.

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