Monday, February 27, 2012

NEWS: ABC's Beauty and The Beast Casting Update

Scottish singer and actor Darius Campbell has signed-up to play the role of ''the Beast'' in ABC's Beauty and the Beast.

According to Deadline, Campbell - probably best known to UK visitors for his appearance on the Simon Cowell talent shows Pop Idol and Pop Stars - has signed-on to portray the role of Shiro in ABC's take on the story, described as a ''fantasy re-imagining'' of the classic tale, in which an ''embattled princess'' named Grace discovers an unlikely connection with her mercenary bodyguard (Campbell.)

The role of Grace has yet to be cast.

It's worth noting that The CW is also currently developing a remake of the 1980s show of the same name, which saw the tale of the star-crossed lovers relocated to modern day New York. Quite how the two shows will co-exist - and which will be forced to change its name - remains to be seen.

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