Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEWS: EMCE's Jack Pierce Action Figure

Retro-doll specialist EMCE has released the details on the 50-piece limited edition Jack Pierce action figure.

Pierce was the genius make-up artist responsible for many of the Universal monsters' iconic looks. Not only did he design the make-up for Frankenstein's Monster (arguably the most recognisable classic monster make-up ever) but he also created the looks for Lon Chaney's Wolf-Man and Karloff's Mummy. Now you can celebrate his career - and creations - with this exclusive, limited edition Jack Pierce Action Figure.

Limited to just FIFTY pieces, the figure is available to pre-order now for the surprisingly low price of just $75. And for the true Pierce fans, there's the replica hand-crafted Make-up chair, which is limited to just TWENTY-FIVE units.


  1. Oh man this is so cool that they would go and make this. It will sell out quickly am betting.

    1. Especially at that price - which is pretty low given how limited numbers are.


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