Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Figure Breakdown by Wave

So Hasbro has announced there will be 50 figures in the GI Joe: Retaliation toy line (although keep in mind that number includes bundled vehicle pilots.) But if you were wondering what we were going to see, when, then here's a breakdown of the first five Waves of figures.

We'll be receiving a number of multi-figure packs in addition to the single carded releases (see below), but currently we don't have release dates for all of those sets. It's also worth noting that this is clearly only a small part of the 50-figure line-up and we'll be anticipating seeing more added to the waves nearer their release.

Wave 1 (June)
Snake Eyes
Cobra Commander
Red Ninja
Cobra Trooper
Storm Shadow
GI Joe Trooper

Wave 2 (July)
Battle Kata Roadblock
Ninja Duel Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

NOTE: Hasbro stated that Wave 2 is the first ''movie accurate'' series due to GI Joe: Retaliation's release date being brought forward. This explains the slightly more fantastical design of the earlier figures when compared to the later waves.

Wave 3 (August)
Cobra Ninja
Dragon Ninja
Joe Colton
Lady Jaye

Wave 4 (September)
Blind Master
Kim Arashekage (for reasons unknown, Hasbro cannot refer to the toy as ''Jinx.'')

Wave 5 (October)
Night Viper
Crimson Guard

Announced - but as-yet unscheduled - releases also include the Ninja Showdown and Ninja Dojo Battle three-figure sets, plus a second wave of multi-figure packs including the GI Joe Night Ops pack (Mouse, Snake Eyes and Sgt Airborne figures), plus the Cobra Invasion Team with Storm Shadow, Firefly and Cobra Invasion Trooper.

We'll bring you updates and - hopefully - images when we can.


  1. No General Joe until August for me then.

    1. Yup, but there's some cool stuff lined-up before then!


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