Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation - More Figures Revealed

So we knew we were getting a Duke and a Roadblock (or two) and that there'd be a line of supporting vehicles. But how'd you like to see a few more packaging shots? Oh and maybe the previously-unannounced Jinx, Joe Colton, Flint and Blind Master figures?

Fans concerned that the previously-announced figure line-up seemed a little thin will be pleased to see that The GI Joe Collectors' Club has revealed more shots of some upcoming figures, including a retail version of Jinx/Kim Arashikage (in the yellow Ninja outfit), Flint, Joe Colton and more, along with some packaging shots of the line's vehicles.

UPDATE: Hasbro has announced they'll be releasing fifty figures (including the bundled vehicle drivers) for the line with nine vehicles. Among these will be four con-exclusive figures and one vehicle (see below for more.) Whether these figures and vehicles are in addition to the 50 figure, 9 vehicle line-up or part of it is unclear at this time. Sadly, Hasbro has confirmed that the bundled drivers will feature reduced articulation - as seen with some of the Captain America: The First Avenger vehicle pilots - a move they claim this is a cost-cutting exercise.

Collectors of the Pursuit of Cobra and 25th Anniversary line many recognise two of the ''new'' figures as retools of the Alley-Viper and Wraith figures, the later of which is now known as the ''Cyber-Ninja.''

UPDATE: Here's some images of the Ninja Dojo Battle and Ninja Showdown three-figure packs, courtesy of The HISS Tank.

Sadly, it's not all good news for the ''retail'' collector. The previously-announced San Diego Comic Con-exclusive Transformers-themed HISS Tank will feature an exclusive colourway Destro, who is joined by a second Con-exclusive figure in the form of the Shockwave BAT. The New York Comic Con will also feature a Con-exclusive figure (which is rumoured - and this is only a rumour) to be the cancelled Kwinn figure. The Lady Jaye figure previously announced as a Con-exclusive is in fact part of the regular releases (Wave 3).

Check-out the full gallery at the GI Joe Collectors' Club.


  1. Well there is my Joe Colton figure which i will be buying(as long as i can find him)but is it me or does he look more like actor and radio show host Jerry Doyle?(played Michael Garibaldi on the Babylon 5 tv show).

    1. He does a little, but Jerry Doyle looked like the low-budget Bruce Willis, so...


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