Monday, February 6, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Ninja Commando & Role-Play Toys

OK, so I doubt many collectors will be that excited about it, but Hasbro is launching a line of role-play and costume toys as part of their GI Joe: Retaliation line-up. Click through to see them, along with the two over-sized Roadblock and Snake Eyes ''Ninja Commando'' figures.

Role-Play/Costume Toys
Most of the role-play and costume toys are pretty self-explanatory (and to be honest, there's not much else we can add anyway), so here's the officially-released images of what we can expect to see cluttering toy strore shelves where the figures should be:

Snake Eyes Ninja Mask
Storm Shadow Ninja Mask
GI Joe Special Ops Mask
Snake Eyes Ninja Gear
Ninja Commando Blaster
Battle Kata Blaster
Sword of Justice
GI Joe Ninja-Chucks
Ninja Commando Figures
Hasbro is also releasing a series of ''Ninja Commando'' figures. These toys are produced at a larger scale than the ''regular'' Joes (we're assuming these figures are the toys previously referred to as the ''10'' Battle Kata'' figures, although that's yet to be confirmed), with Snake Eyes and Roadblock being the first two characters to receive this oversized treatment. 

No word on whether we'll be seeing other figures at this scale but we'll bring you more when we have it.

New GI Joe: Retaliation 2012 Movie Line

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